Tom M., Atty.

Kristin is an experienced trial attorney who is both tough and smart. She is personable, articulate, and capable and I recommend her to anyone looking for a good lawyer.


Ms. Slone is an energetic and capable attorney who has engineered several new programs in our arraignment, probation violation, and fugitive unit that has enhanced our professionalism and quality of representations toward our clients.

Paul N, Municipal Court Administrator

Kristin has always conducted herself in a professional manner and works well with opposing counsel and court staff... Kristin's pleasant demeanor and enthusiasm makes her a joy to be around in the workplace.

Les P, Atty.

Kristin has demonstrated the patience and personality to establish good client rapport. In addition, she provides her clients with excellent negotiating skills and exemplary courtroom demeanor.

Bryan H, Law Office

Kristin displayed to me, during the course of litigation, outstanding skill and dedication as a lawyer... Literally all who know her feel about her as I do.

Thomas C, Atty.

I supervised Kristin through her first jury trial. She did a very good job of presenting her case and she was successful in obtaining and acquittal for her client.

Monika F, Hearings Investigator

It is my belief that Ms. Hanna-Slone's greatest strength lies in her ability to communicate with all types of people and different levels of professionals. Being able to work with offenders, treatment providers, legal officers, and family members is an intrical part of her professionalism.

John M, Law Office

I have always been impressed with Kristin's ability to represent her clients' interests in court, for her strong advocacy skills and for her professional demeanor before the court... I have found Kristin to be a thorough and professional lawyer.

Patrick H, public defense lawyer

Kristin was able to effectively manage a high volume of cases when clients could be "challenging," to say the least. She always remained cool and collected in what was often times a hectic work environment.

Aaron L, Law Office

I've worked with attorney Slone for two years and I believe her to be a very good lawyer. Her analysis of police reports is as good, if not better, than most other criminal defense lawyers. She is especially persuasive at probation hearings and at trial.

Gary L, Police Sergeant

Ms. Hanna Slone has always had the highest level of integrity and credibility and was a joy to work with even though she worked on the side of defense counsel.

Drew H, Deputy Prosecuting Atty,

Kristin has always been prepared for court, and is one of the few attorneys who will actively work towards a resolution to a case prior to the next court date.

James H, Judge (retired)

She is industrious, and motivated to do the very best she can for each client and employer. If she can't win she is a good bargainer; is persistent; has great self discipline; and somehow manages to get enough exercise and recreation to maintain her health and sharp mental abilities.

Mark M, Police Sergeant

I have gained a great deal of trust in her as a competent attorney, committed to unbiased and aggressive application of the law... As a police professional I do not look forward to a cross-examination by Ms. Hanna while in court-of-law. If my testimony must be impeached I feel that the pain would be minimized if the attorney was the caliber of Kristin Hanna.

Corey G, President, Proactive Property Evaluation, LLC

I found Kristin to be detailed and precise in the actions she took. She was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

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